Be physically and mentally prepared- eat and sleep well the day before your interview.
Being well groomed. Having a good appearance is essential.
Be on time for the interview. Get the exact location where the interview will be and leave early to give enough time for traffic.
Be proactive. Before the interview research the Company and the people behind the organization. Study the corporate profile and other relevant information through the website, brochures or other publications.
Understand the competencies sought by the job opening and be sure to know the specifics of the job you are applying for. Prepare some questions about the company.
Politeness and Respect. Always greet people as you enter the office. Smile and always say thank. A person who shows respect always gains respect.


Relax and be yourself.
Remember to turn off your cell phone before the start of the interview.
Some good impression gestures are handshakes, eye contact, warm smiles, good posture and a confident introduction of self.
Eye contact builds rapport and projects sincerity.
If there are two or more interviewers, be sure to address all the interviewers in the room when answering the questions.
Think before you answer questions. A well-thought answer is always better than a rushed one. Be complete when answering and if you don’t understand a question, ask for clarification.
Listen till the interviewer finishes talking before responding. Balance between speaking and listening.
Highlight your good points. This will help assess your performance at work and your potentials to be an effective employee.
When asked about your weaknesses and failures, mention how you were able to handle the difficult situation, share the lessons you learned and the improvements you would take to convert certain weaknesses to strengths.
A person who does not recognize his weaknesses or mistakes will never learn or progress to being a better person.


Thank the interviewer for the time spent with you.
Make some notes regarding the things you learned about the company. These may be helpful for your next sets of interviews.
Make a follow-up call to know your status and your succeeding interviews.

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