Responding to Job Postings

First Time Right is important when responding to job postings. It is your moment to shine and express through your resume that your job experience and competencies match the qualifications and requirements of the job opening

Make sure you fill up all questions on the online form and show in your resume that your core competencies match what the employer seeks from the applicant.

Following are important tips to follow:

1. Look for the job that best fits your experience and background.
2. Read carefully the qualifications and requirements described on     the job post.
3. If your work experience and responsibilities match the     qualifications and requirements of the job post, make sure you     describe the similar work responsibility held during your past or     present employment in the online application form and in the     resume you will upload or email to us.
4. This will help avoid Mismatched applications.
5. Always write the position you are applying for.
6. Complete personal information is important to see in resumes during pre-screening.

Seeking a Career Change

If you’re a nurse seeking for a sales position or an accountant seeking for a quality inspector position, make sure you email or upload together with your resume a one page letter describing:

1. Reason for change and choice of the new career you wish to pursue.
2. What inherent qualities or competencies do think you possess will make you effective in the new job     you seek.
3. Are you willing to be trained?
4. Are you willing to be relocated?

First time job applicants

Looking for your first job? Start it right by completing all basic education and personal background information. Do not submit incomplete applications or resumes. Site in your application extracurricular activities, trainings and seminars attended.

Register online the primary job you seek and then list alternative positions of interest in the resume you will upload or email.

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